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Proudly made in the USA

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While some are frowning and groaning at the thought of them shopping locally and supporting small businesses like MyDrinkBombs, several others are already convinced and completely satisfied with the products sold and services rendered by these businesses. Regardless, we sight you all, we heart you all.

Whether you’re in the groaning category or the convinced and satisfied, this article is right for you. We will walk you down the path of why you need to support and patronize small businesses like MyDrinkBombs, and leave you with a changed mentality to keep up at supporting small, local and independent businesses. Follow us!

Small businesses are undoubtedly not out of reach. Some of them are just behind or opposite your residence, hence they are just few steps away from you, while some are a click or phone call away, as they deliver to your door-step whilst you sink in the comfort of your sofa, chewing popcorn and sipping a glass of juice. Either ways, the whole effort put in by small business owners in making it a reality is highly commendable. In as much as they struggle to gain grounds in your heart, as their customer, it is very important to express your support towards making them grow.

One thing that should strike a chord in your heart is their availability, and their availability is just for you, you and you! The survival of these small businesses especially in this era of the COVID-19 pandemic is centered on you, their esteemed customers. You are the reason they first got the idea of proffering a solution to the problem in your locality. You are the reason they made a first step towards implementing this idea of a solution, and you are the reason they exist. From the small grocery store on your street, the local clothing boutique by the roadside, the small bakery owned by your neighbor, to the store with highly nutritious variety of drink bombs just a click here.

So you’ve been asking, “why should I support small businesses and shop locally?”, “what makes small businesses stand out in the crowd of big companies and what impacts do they have on me and the world at large?” We are glad to have you on our site, reading this article, and walking with us so far, and surely, we will leave you satisfied as we answer your questions using us as a perfect example of a thriving small business, because at MyDrinkBombs, you are our top-most priority.

Here’s why you should change your mind set on small businesses and start shopping locally.

Community Impact:
Small businesses are like the functionality of the heart to human life. Supporting these small businesses like My Drink Bombs is you breathing life to your community. The moment you purchase a product from a next door shop, you’re directly investing towards the economic growth of that locality, as your money isn’t just a gained revenue to the business but an avenue to participate in the development of the community it is situated.

Optimum Satisfaction:
There is this deep feeling of happiness and fulfilment that comes with shopping locally. Small businesses offer you a platform to conveniently interact with owners, discuss and share your contributions and suggestions on their products. That’s not all, you also get optimum satisfaction on the product you purchase. At MyDrinkBombs, we are more interested in ensuring you get your desired taste and feeling from each of our variety. We have core values, and we make sure we are worth these values. Small businesses are like that. They are more concerned about your satisfaction than your money. Yes! Because they always want you back in their embrace with all smiles of acceptance.

Increased Employment:
In a world where increased unemployment is the order of the day, MyDrinkBombs, have been able to give jobs to people with the initiative launched by our founder, Chloe di Leo, to support communities by helping underprivileged women gain employment to support their families, isn’t that superb? sure, it is. Several other employments have been gained through small businesses and they have been able to pull this off via the support from their customers. So you can see that employment do not only come from the government and corporate bodies, it can also come from small start-ups, and that depends on the support you give.

Vast Variety of Products:
You really think small businesses do not offer variety of products you can choose from? Then you need to have a rethink. Small businesses are the best place to shop for a variety of products, day in, day out. They do not just sell these products; they know deeply what every product stands for and educate you on how best to utilize them. Just like us, we offer amazing variety of drink bombs, show you the contents in each and how to use them in order to get your satisfaction fulfilled. You can check out our product categories to see for yourself.

These and many more like; availability, product value, convenient pricing system, et al are the tangible reasons why your support for small businesses is important. Hence at MyDrinkBombs, we recognize this importance as a growing business and we urge you to patronize and invest in our commission to meeting your desired satisfaction. Why not give us a try by checking out all of our products here or send an e-mail to to find out more about us.

Support a small business today, support a dream. We are a small business, but we can do great things together.

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