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Proudly made in the USA

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A Perfect Quarantini

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Yeah, guess you are probably watching that Netflix series for the zillionth time or following up on the latest tiktok challenge just to keep boredom at bay while staying indoors. It’s the harsh reality we’ve all been living by, to keep safe since the outbreak of the dreaded corona virus disease. With bars shut down, favorite drinking spots and restaurants closed, everything fun and creative seems over and shut down. But do not despair, the ‘Quarantini’ is here.

What in the world is a Quarantini?

The Quarantini is like the perfect cocktail for a worldwide pandemic. It’s the drink you could just make with whatever you find in your cabinet or freezer and is best enjoyed with loved ones. It was initially thought to be a martini that you drink alone when under lockdown but people began to create and explore different possibilities and ideas. It soon became a trend on Instagram with the hashtag #Quarantini as more and more people wanted to share their delicious creations.

Ready to join in on the quarantini frenzy? Good thing is you probably have all the ingredients you will need to make a batch to be enjoyed during family game night or movie night. The sense of fulfillment that comes with watching your favorite James bond classic while sipping from a cup of your wonderful creation, simply divine. And of course the Instagram worthy pictures that come with. So let’s get started already with your very first quarantini!!!

What you will need to make a Quarantini

The fact you don’t need fancy ingredients to make a quarantini is even more refreshing. With shops closed down, or selling only essential supplies, you don’t even need to go shopping for ingredients because you probably have all you need. Go through your cabinets and grab the following items
· You could use vodka, gin or even rum. There are no hard fast rules, just go ahead and grab whatever is left in your liquor cabinet and add it to your mix. After the first couple of shots you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. Right?

· Freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to be used as a substitute for vodka in making non-alcoholic quarantinis. This way, kids too can be involved in the quarantini deliciousness.
· Honey
· Water
· Optional vitamin C.
· Cocktail shaker.
· Ice…Nothing beats a chilled quarantini.
· A slice of Orange to garnish.
· Drink bomb purchased from our store.

Check out our catalogue of refreshing drink bomb varieties. Good news the corona virus cannot be transmitted through shipping goods, as outlined by the center for Disease control, we therefore offer delivery services both internationally and locally just to suit your needs.

Making your First Quarantini Recipe

Now you have got all the items ready, you are good to go with making your very first quarantini. It’s pretty easy, so don’t sweat it. You will be fine. The steps listed below would help you get started.

So let’s get prepping;

· Put in a microwave safe bowl a mixture of water and honey, then microwave for 60 seconds. When done, ensure to stir for, say three minutes then wait for it to cool down. In the meantime, add 3 cups of ice to the cocktail shaker, the more the chiller.

· Add vodka, lemon juice and the honey mixture to the martini shaker then whisk sufficiently to combine. You could also add ice to the top, you know, for that extra chill.

· Now this part is the fun part, especially when making it with kids. You have to shake, shake and shake to make the mixture homogenous. Sounds like a great time for a shake-shake dance or sing along. Anything at all to keep the spirits of everyone lifted during these trying times.

· After shaking the mixture rigorously, you can then strain it into a cheek martini glassware. You can check out for your top notch glass wares.

· Garnish with a slice of orange if needed.

· As an extra immunity booster, you can add vitamin C directly to the shaker when you are about to add the rest of the ingredient or to the rim of the chilled martini glass. Mind you, although this makes for a very healthy drink it doesn’t give you an excuse to go against the directives of health workers by not staying indoors.

Congratulations on making your very first quarantini but hey before you begin serving, how about you add a little twist to it, after all, you do want yours to stand out right? We have got the right product to make this magic happen. It’s called a drink bomb. Just add one into your quarantini mixture and watch it explode into a glamorous, colorful, refreshing and fizzy drink. That’s not even all. It is made from the finest natural ingredients which translates to numerous health benefits. We have a catalogue of different drink bombs, handcrafted to fit your needs. You can check them out here.

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