Cocktails made simple. No bartender required.

Simply drop a MyDrinkBomb® into any sparkling water, add garnish and cheers! Perfect for parties when everyone wants something unique.

Enjoy a cocktail, or mocktail, any time! These artisan, hand-crafted cocktail “bombs” by MyDrinkBomb® are made with all natural flavors, cane sugar, dried fruits, edible flowers and edible drink dust cocktail shimmer. Available in stores across the US including Spec’s, Total Wine & More, Richards Liquors and many high end retail boutiques.


Best Sellers

Limited Edition

Craft Cocktail 4 packs have a new look.
3 flavor options:

Romance Box
Tropical Box
Botanical Box

Gift Box Sets

Includes our NEW Drink Dust and Atomizer!

Pink: SweetTart
Red: Passionfruit
Orange: Orange Crush
Blue: Champagne

Corporate Gifts

Fully customizable!

Your Corp Colors
Matching Ribbon
Your logo on Gift Tag
Your fave Flavors



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Straws for a Cause

Saving the planet one straw at a time… and looking chic while doing it! 20% goes to local charities.