Cocktails made simple. No bartender required.


New! 12 Packs

Blueberry Lemonade Bomb
Tequila Sunrise Bomb, Earth Bomb Bomb

Corporate Gifts

Fully customizable individually packaged in your colors, your logo, and your favorite flavors!

Limited Edition

Craft Cocktail 4 packs – now in 5 packaging options including Roance, Tropical, Botanical and Lemon!

Best Sellers

Simply drop a MyDrinkBomb® into any sparkling water, add garnish and cheers! Enjoy a cocktail, or mocktail, any time with these artisan, hand-crafted cocktail “bombs” by MyDrinkBomb®. Made with all natural flavors, cane sugar, dried fruits, edible flowers and edible drink dust cocktail shimmer. Available in stores across the US including Spec’s, Total Wine & More, Richards Liquors and many high-end retail boutiques. Drink the Drink is easy to use when you are looking for the next hot spot for happy hour, special events or deals.

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