Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA


Margarita Bombs


Margarita Bombs by My Drink Bomb

Our margarita flavored cocktail bombs will have you saying Viva la Margarita! Get transported to a playa Mayan beach with just a sip thanks to this Margarita Drink BombTM, bursting with citrusy lime flavor. Just add salt or sugar to the rim of your cocktail, or spice it up with some spicy seasoning—don’t forget to check out our Spicy Margarita Drink BombTM, Mango Margarita Drink BombTM and Peacharita Drink Bomb TM, all fresh twists on this classic.

Margarita bombs can be used to create mocktails because they do not contain alcohol. Or, you can add them to your favorite tequila over ice to make a delicious DIY margarita at home, no bartender required! Each margarita mixer bomb Makes 1 to 2 drinks (depending on the size of the glass).

How to Use Our Margarita Cocktail Bombs:

  • To create a mocktail, add one margarita flavored cocktail bomb to sparkling water over ice, stir and enjoy.
  • To create an adult cocktail, add 1.5 oz of tequila, vodka, or your favorite liquor, repeat the steps above, stir and enjoy.

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