Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

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Helping Small Retailers survive Covid

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Mrs Eunice is an entrepreneur and she has a small retail outlet down her street, where she sells consumables. With the outbreak of the infinitude COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the lock-down of all sector of the country’s economy, Mrs Eunice’s small retail outlet was not an exemption from the enforcement of the lock down policy. As a result of this development, her family’s resource for sustainability and survival was at stake!

If you could remember the lock-down experience, several stores and shops on your street like Mrs Eunice’s were under lock and key. Buying and selling came to a halt. This was to curtail the spread of the deadly COVID19. It felt like a nightmare for some of you, and a devastating period for some of these entrepreneurs, most especially those whose entrepreneurial journey are in their infancy.

As the lock-down policy gradually eased off, and as businesses strive to thrive, many of the small retailers are yet to recover from the heavy wind the pandemic came with as it swept them off their feet. Many of them are yet to live and survive in what you might call “the new normal” in the world of business generally.

Try taking a stroll someday, you’ll agree that indeed many of the retail outlets you know and patronize, are not the way they use to be. Some of them are still under lock and key, and you might wonder why. Well, the reason isn’t farfetched as they are yet to stock up their shops for more products, and yes, the few you would see still open just manage to stay open twice a week with scanty shelves. How pathetic that is!

You must have read our blog post on “Support small businesses and shop locally” If you haven’t, kindly do so in the link here. In the article, we highlighted several reasons why you need to support small businesses and shop locally.

The importance of small businesses to the economic and social sector is a huge plus to a society’s development, and the reasons why they need to stay open is one thing we as a brand, are keen on implementing.

However, it will intrigue you to know that in a bid to making this happen, MyDrinkBomb have been able to play a part in the survival of small businesses like ours, and small retailers like Mrs Eunice, by distributing Mask and Drink Bombs to them!

With the increase in the demand of Mask and Drink Bombs, there is no better way to making these available to you without a middle-man, and that is, the retailer next door, and because at MyDrinkBombs, you are our top-most priority, and we are ensuring a satisfactory service delivery.

Many small retailers are now beneficiaries, as some of them have been able to stock up their shops with best nutritional, handcrafted drink bombs, amongst other consumables they trade in, while some others are sole proprietors of mask and Drink bombs, specifically. This tremendous support will not only affect your community positively, but affect the personal lives of these small retailers and their families.

Having us at the helm, these small retailers have been insured to getting in-time distribution of mask and Drink bombs to keep their business thriving in the new normal. The true fact is, we are currently having 24 independent representatives and 168 active retailers across the nation. Such giant feat!
These representatives and retailers have gained adequate empowerment and enlightenment on what the product is all about, and how best they can be used for optimum satisfaction. This is so, because we believe that small businesses create an avenue to converse with their customers and enlighten them on the product they are purchasing. And so if these small retailers are not aware themselves of the product they sell, how then can they help you, a consumer, get informed of improvements on the products and their benefits?

Coincidentally, while we spread our tentacles as a brand, we are also ensuring the success of small businesses, even as we help them salient to making socioeconomic impact. Therefore, we want to make clear not just in words but in action that “we are a small business, but we can do great things together”. This is own quota to bridging the gap between us and you, our esteemed customer.

We do know that while some of you are comfortable with online shopping, many others are not. It is okay! There is no wrong in actually going to a shop nearby to get what you want. Hence the idea of the middle-man.
So when next you want to get Drink bombs for yourself and loves ones, for a get-together party, be sure to getting it at a retail store nearest to you. You shouldn’t be surprised to see that shop staying open on a daily, because certainly, mask and Drink bombs have made that possible. Go get one today!

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