Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

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Corporate Gifting

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We’ve got exciting news! we’re certain you want to know what this is…. The holidays are coming! The time of the year synonymous with gifts and relaxation. The period you can kick back and have the time of your lives with those who matter the most to you.

Usually, in the corporate space this is marked with various gift exchanges (as a show of appreciation for job and business deals over time and to give your best wishes), in addition to other mouthwatering incentives.
Looking out for gifting ideas? Search no further!

My Drink Bomb presents the exclusive boozy boxes for corporate gifting this holiday. Whether you’re on this quest for your bosses, co-workers, clients, employees or other business associates, this is your ‘go-to’ gifting idea!

What’s in the box?” You might ask….
Now, let’s have a little unboxing.

The boozy box contains the ‘to do’ of cocktails. In it you’ll find all you need to make/enjoy premium cocktails. The materials used for the box keeps it’s content secure and it possesses the ability to serve all conditions.

This includes;
● Glassware
● Reusable straws
● Drink bombs
● Rimming Sugar (vodka, rum, whiskey, tequila or champagne)
● Sparkling soda

If you are working with a flexible or shoestring budget, this fits just fine! How would you want to relax this holiday without considering the pleasures of cocktails?

The recipient of this box can enjoy the luxury of having a ready to use cocktail set and keep them handy at all times.
An insight into the contents of the box:

  1. Glassware
    The festive mood is heightened by the clinking of glasses while people share drinks at cocktail events, family reunion and dinner parties. An inappropriate glassware can alter your cocktails’ drink experience ranging from margaritas to martini, champagnes etc.
    Can a Margarita glass be used for a coupe? Or Tequila be served in a martini glass? The right cocktail glass is not only about the presentation, but suitability should be a priority also. With options ranging from rim glasses to taller glasses, our glassware’s are tailored to your cocktail perfection at such times.
  2. Reusable straws
    As it appears to be quite an Herculean task to find easy to clean, carry, and reusable straws, our boozy box comes with healthy reusable straws with which your cocktails and smoothies can be enjoyed to satisfaction. This is as opposed to the regular straws because our reusable straws are easy to use, durable and long lasting. It includes 1 polished aluminum straw, 1 silicone tip, 1 velvet carrying case and 1 cleaning brush.
    Thereby creating a two way drink experience: helping to conserve mother Earth by reducing environmental pollution and the pleasure derived from sipping your favorite drink!
  3. Drink bombs
    Fuel the happiness this season with artisan, handcrafted cocktail drink bombs that come in various flavors from natural ingredients, edible flowers and fruit variants. It’s as easy as adding a drink bomb to sparkling water with your choice of alcohol.
    Our new boozy boxes contain different varieties of these drink bombs to bring that fun twist to your parties and events during the festivities. From alcohol complementing, to exciting fruity tasting drink bombs we ensure that no age is left out in this fun fiesta.
  4. Rimming Sugar
    Enjoy the holidays in style and help others do the same. If your co-worker enjoys a glass of cocktail, this is a sure gift to enhance the drinking experience. Rimming a glass helps to add flavor to your cocktails. This can be done with or without prior bartending experience.
    The possibilities are limitless when you explore your creativity! Rim your cocktail glasses with the rim sugar for vodka, rum, tequila and champagne and have a fun ride!
  5. Sparkling soda
    Nothing screams holidays and vacation like sparkling soda. Their ability to change the course of your cocktail makes it the practical gift for a co-worker or business client who is health conscious, those who take good care of the food they eat and monitor their sugar intake. Consider sparkling soda as it does not contain calories or excess sugar.
    Yes! All of this goodness comes in a box. Now, how do you beat that?
    While considering unique corporate holiday gift ideas that are highly presentable, budget friendly and keeps you in the holiday mood, think boozy boxes: your exclusive cocktail companion!

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