Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

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Boozy Boxes are here!

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Curated Gift Boxes- Gifts with a personal touch… “A gift is an opportunity to let people know how you feel about them”

Gift-giving is actually one of the best ways to invest in a relationship. Whether given to a spouse, friend, customer or employer, gifts act as a social lubricant which helps to foster human relations. The satisfaction that comes with seeing people’s eyes light up as they tear open their gifts is simply “divine” especially when you realize you have given the perfect gift for the perfect person and occasion.

Even in business, nothing says “thank you, hope to see you again” to the customers, quite like a thoughtful gift to complement their buying experience. With so many businesses out there, your show of appreciation could be the difference between your brand and competition. Trust me, when it comes to customers, the little things do matter so it pays to pay attention to them too.

Now here’s the twist, Even with the abundance of choices, finding the perfect gift is anything but a walk in the park. We are faced with questions like; what is a “perfect gift”? does it have to cost a fortune? Is this too small, should I get something bigger? is this perfect for the occasion? and no, a google search wouldn’t save you this time.

Here’s a little secret, instead of spending time fussing about the size or price tag of the gift, spend some time thinking about how you can make the gift a unique and personal message to the recipient. It doesn’t have to be expensive it just has to speak to them directly. It is important that you express yourself and your brand creatively.

Still struggling to make a choice? we have got fantastic news for you. drum roll please….

We are excited to announce our new line of curated, branded boozy boxes. They contain all you need to make and enjoy a premium cocktail in a custom packaging which represents your brands identity. To this end, they serve as great gifting ideas suitable for bosses, co-workers, clients, employees or other business associates as well as an avenue to add that human element to your brand, thus elevating customer experience and retention.

We offer options for designing these boozy boxes in multiple sizes, styles and dimensions to match your brands identity and story. At my drinkbomb, we believe that your corporate gifts should be as unique as your company and all the people of value to it, therefore our boozy boxes act as an extension of this idea. With full control of how it looks, you could even have the name of the recipient engraved to it. It ascertains a connection, celebrates it and makes it stronger with time. It’s the ultimate bonding experience.

What’s in the boozy box? You might ask. How about we take a look inside
It’s like carrying a mini, inexpensive bar around. Even better, a personalized branded mini bar containing all you need to make cocktail magic on the fly.

Which includes;

· Cheek glassware
· Our Handcrafted, delicious drink bombs
· Reusable straws
· Rimming sugar
· Sparkling sugar

Amazing right! best part is you get all these and many more at affordable prices. Even at these prices, we ensure that we don’t compromise the quality of any item contained in the boozy box therefore you don’t have to worry about gifting mediocre items. In fact, gift giving hasn’t been more classy.

Our team ensures that every single customized boozy box is unique and personal. To ensure that the recipients of these boxes like them, we ask detailed questions about the receiver of the boozy box and hand tailor it just for them. You could even slip in a hand writing note of appreciation towards the receiver. In a nutshell, it’s a special box for a special someone.
People make your business what it is. Let Something Splendid make it easy for you to show how much you appreciate them. Create the perfect experience for those highly valuable to your brand and leave a positive, lasting impression. We’ve created these custom boozy boxes for nationally recognized clients and can’t wait to work with you.

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