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Proudly made in the USA

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“Alas! After undergoing the trauma of COVID19, my child seems to be relapsing from recovery. It’s been a huge problem”

This has been the plight of many parents and guardian who after seeing their child or ward through the treatment of and recovery process from the virus, are in sober state, as they’ve discovered a relapse in the health condition of the child.

For some of you who aren’t conversant with what a relapse is, don’t you worry. Stay glued on this, word after word!

A relapse occurs when a child’s health returns to a former and worse state after an improvement or recovery from an illness. This relapse or deterioration occurs often times in most illness for several obvious reasons.
From clinical statistics, it’s been proven that 6 out of every 10 patients who recover from an illness, often end up with a relapse. As in the case of COVID19, relapses have been discovered in most victims, which is posing to be a problem itself to families and the society at large, and are common as a result of factors the pandemic came with.

Some of these factors responsible for a relapse from recovery are as thus;
· Drug Addiction/Alcoholism.
· Distress.
· Social isolation/Distancing

These amongst others are root causes for a child’s relapse in recovery, as they are connected and derivatives of the other.

  • Drug Addiction/Alcoholism.

    Many teens and young adults who are addicts of a particular drug or are drowned in alcoholism have a high tendency of suffering a relapse of recovery from COVID19. As you might already know, the virus attacks the immune system of an infected person, hence, such a person must be subject to adequate treatment to be taken strictly with all sobriety, to hamper the activity of the virus, to an extent.

    In this regard, drug addicts are not finding it funny, as treatments and routine drugs are in opposition to their kind of drugs, and so they disregard the treatment and stick to their addiction. However, this could result to a relapse in their health condition.

    The pandemic also resulted to the shutdown of schools by government, hence the halting of academic activities. This did not only affect educators in these schools but the students as well. Many kids have been in distress coping with the situation. As some of them became infected, their mind suffered a great deal. Psychological distress is one significant trigger to a relapse that needs attention.

    -Social Isolation/Distancing:
    Social distancing is also a factor that is responsible for a relapse. That must have been a shocker alert for you! As this factor helps avert the spread of the virus, many kids have overtime experienced the feeling of loneliness, boredom and the likes.

    Social distancing wasn’t an easy-peasy task for you, was it? Of course, not. It wasn’t for anyone as well, and it did hit hard on kids, relatively. Boredom is one thing many kids try to run away from. They want to get their hands busy, mind active and enjoy the fun and freedom, whilst they rapport with other kids. As COVID19 resulted to the social isolation policy, which kept many kids away from their friends both at school and home, it struck their mental state harder than the virus itself.

    These obvious reasons for a relapse from recovery due to COVID19 have in one way or two deprived families and the society from development and positive changes.

    How best can this relapse be controlled or averted? You might want to ask….

    In paying close attention to these factors, you must have recognized warning signs of a relapse in its likelihood. One key thing you need to do is create a firm support system to gauge these signs and avert a relapse.
    At MyDrinkBombs, we look out for ways to help improve and maintain the economy through our products and services. In the light of this, we are glad, influencing a change and impacting in the lives of many. Hence, we are hiring!!!

    Yes, you read that correctly.

    We are hiring teens and friends for the holiday to hand cut these edible art, boxing and packing holiday gift boxes. As the festive season (summer holiday) draws closer, we have created an opportunity for teens and young adults to do what they love.

    Not forgetting, we have nutritional drink bombs specially made for kids to add spice to their fun experience and keep their health in check. You can check out our variety of drink bombs for kids on the site.

    This will go a long way to stimulate the economy and keep many kids out of trouble, as they keep their hands busy, mind active and maximize their creative prowess, whilst they stay safe. This will in no doubts, resolve the problem of a relapse in such kids.

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