Drink Inspirations

Lavender Lush

Excite your senses with alluring aromas of subtle lavender and vanilla notes.   

4 oz Soda 

2 oz Vodka 

1 Lavender Lush Drink Bomb 

Splash of champagne 

Pour Soda into glass and drop Drink Bomb and let fizz, add vodka and splash of champagne and garnish with fresh lavender and lemon. 

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Prosecco Rose

This alluring combination of floral notes with organic Bulgarian rosebuds and gold leaf and 24K gold dust is a beautiful addition to any celebration!

4 oz. Champagne 

1 oz.  Chambord 

1 Prosecco Rose Bomb 

Pour chilled  champagne into glass half  full add Chambord and drop one 1.25 oz Prosecco Rose Bomb into flute.  

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Margarita Madness

Here’s a twist to this popular drink with lime and citrus notes.

4 oz Premium Tequila

2 oz Lime Soda 

Juice from 1 Lime 

Margarita Salt for Rim 

1 Margarita Drink Bomb (1.25 oz) 

For the perfect margarita put all liquid ingredients into a shaker pour into a glass add a 1 oz Margarita Madness Bomb and serve. 

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