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Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA


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Whether it’s a family function or that Netflix and chill experience you’ve always wanted, plain old water or conventional beverages can get pretty boring very fast.

What you need is a drink bomb to spice things up. Just place it in water or your favorite cocktail, tequila, soda, any beverage at all and watch it explode into a tasty, fizzy, healthy drink. A twist of fun, color, glimmer and good living all in as single glass cup.

Our drink bombs are artisan handcrafted cocktail drink mixers made from the finest natural ingredients. Ideal for those looking to cut back on soda intake but not willing to let go of the fizziness that comes with it.
Our drink bombs are pretty easy to use. Just purchase any drink bomb of your choice from our catalogue, get that boring old beverage or even water, drop it in and boom it explodes into an unforgettable experience best served chilled.

We sell a large variety of drink bombs to suit your needs, events and cravings. From children parties to high school reunions we have got a drink bomb for you. Our product categories include Mixologi/Mock tail/Cocktail Bombs: The drink bombs in this category complement alcohol based drinks like champagnes, wines and margaritas. They Include Prosecca Rose bomb which like its name suggests is a floral note fusion made from Bulgarian rosebuds, rose water and a dash of gold dust to complement champagnes. It features soft lingering notes and subtle floral to give nice aromas.

The blended ingredients give a nourishing taste and satisfaction, especially when served chilled. You can get the product here at an affordable price.
Furthermore, in this category is the Margarita Bomb. Truth be told drinking margaritas just got better with this product. The Margarita bomb is made from a perfect blend of citrus with a pinch of pink Himalayan salt.
Friday Night hangouts with chilled Tequilas and margaritas would never remain the same. More Tequilas and margaritas equals more fun and good vibes, but you shouldn’t forget to drink responsibly though. You can get product here at an affordable price.

Also included in this category is the Lavender Lush. It is made from a blend of tangy sweet vanilla and refreshing cool lavender. You can enjoy the lavender lush to the fullest when blended or chilled, with a favorite vodka.
Other drink bombs in this category include Moscow Mule, Bellini Blush, Cosmo, Coconut Mojito, Hangover Bomb, Mimosa Bomb, Spicy Margarita, Champagne, Mango Margarita, Pina Colada and many more exciting varieties tailored for you.

The drink bombs in this category brings that wow-factor and sparkle to your wedding parties, Bachelorette Party, Friends hangout and Nights out. Add them to your occasions to make them special and memorable.
The Bomb Squad for Kids: Kids are not left out as we have a category of drink bombs suitable for kids and non-alcoholic beverages. Kids like vibrant colors, they like glimmer and shine, they like to explore and they love sweet tasting things.

You can make drinking water exquisitely fun by adding your preferred drink bomb to make soda or water sparkle. The bomb squad contains different flavors that spice up its refreshing features. Flavors include cotton candy, bubble gum, sour apple, watermelon, grapple, and strawberry flavors. You can process a few or all of these flavors to create adventurous fun. Add your favorite fun flavor into soda or combine different flavors to create your concoction. Drink bombs in this category can also be used in making mock-tails. They are low in carbs, low in calories, and free of alcohol. You can also create a refreshing spritz by adding a drink bomb to sparkling soda. The flavors in this category are suitable for baby showers, children birthday parties, sleepovers, family game time and other exciting events that require nonalcoholic drinks. You can check out the drink bomb flavors in the Bomb Squad for kids’ category here. New flavors such as Donut, Cherry Cola and Dreamsicle are coming soon.

Gift Packs. We also sell drink bomb gift packs, which is a collection of different flavors of drink bombs from different categories. They include mixology 6/12, boozy box and boozy box trio, mixology jars, mixology 6 for popular flavors and many others. Gift Packs can be given out as gifts for events like weddings, baby showers, reunions and meetings. Like the popular saying, variety is the spice of life. The different flavors in each gift pack can find different applications at these events. Whether for alcoholic or nonalcoholic drinks and beverages.

The different drink bomb flavors grouped into the above categories on sale in our store ensures that there are no limitations to the drink types you could experiment on in making your awesome drink bomb concoction.
You can check out here for drink making Inspirations and detailed instructions on how to make them with a link to the drink bomb flavor used in preparing them. You could make sweetTart Martini with the sweettart drink bomb flavor, love potion with the passion fruit drink bomb flavor, Margarita Madness with Margarita drink bomb flavor and so many more.
In serving these drinks getting the glassware right adds the missing piece of the puzzle. Do you want to be sipping your wonderful creation from a plain old mug? I guess not.

You can check out juliannaglass.com for brilliant, expertly crafted, with great texture glass wares. Their products include wine glasses, martini glasses and cocktail glasses. Talk about drinking with class.
Now that the puzzle is complete, do ensure to serve your creations chilled then sit back and enjoy the amazing experience of a drink bomb from our store

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