Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA

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Meet the owner

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Since she was young, Chloé Di Leo has been developing a mind for business. Growing up watching her mother sell jewelry and merchandise in Vietnam, later immigrating to America and working alongside her family when they opened Salt Lake City’s first Asian grocery store, Di Leo learned the values of an entrepreneurial spirit firsthand.

“My mother put us all to work, packing and unpacking products, running the cash register. She worked really hard, very hard. So I guess we got a lot of that from her.”

– Chloe Di Leo, Owner of My Drink Bomb

That zest for creating companies led her down the path of fashion and retail. In 2000 she opened her first retail store CHIC COUTURE. From there she later created the first of her successful brands, Chloe & Company. Later a namesake fine jewelry business called Di Leo Diamonds.

How Her Children Inspired the First Drink Bomb Creation

It wasn’t until one fateful night with her children during Hurricane Harvey that the idea sparked for her second company. My Drink Bomb LLC! A fun and creative way to encourage kids to drink more water! Her kids loved to drink her fizzy flavored water creations, and this idea of creating a cocktail version to mix with a variety of spirits was born. Eventually she was able to co-brand with local vodka distilleries and even big brands like Top Chico. The rest is history.

BOMBSquad Drink Bombs for Kids

Here is how The Original Drink Bomb TM was created, “My 12-year-old daughter has eczema, so she, of course, loves bath bombs. One night we ran out of them, so I thought, I need to make some; this can’t be too difficult. At the same time, my son came down the stairs eating Pop Rocks. As he was popping them in his mouth, I shouted at him to drink more water and eat less candy. It was then the idea popped into my head, so I said, ‘I’m going to make you a fizzy drink bomb.’” This serendipitous moment started the first iteration of her company, My Drink Bomb, which kicked off with Bomb Squad For Kids, a flavored all-natural fizzy drink bombs designed to mix with water and to encourage children to drink more other than soda loaded with sugar.

Mixologi Cocktail Bombs

Di Leo didn’t stop there: When the idea to use the bombs as mixers for adult beverages came to her, she created Mixologi.

“We contacted a food chemist and together figured out away to formulate the technology and process of how to add all the ingredients of a cocktail into a pure powder so that it can easily dissolve in alcohol and sparkling water. By using natural ingredients such as organic cane sugar, monk fruit (a low calorie sugar alternative), fruits, and bitters, as well as edible flowers, edible glitter, and 14k gold flakes. We create a handcrafted drink bomb with no artificial elements.”

– Chloe Di Leo

Fast-forward just one year, and the company now boasts more than 40 cocktail flavors several children’s varieties, and has become a tour de force on the Houston wedding and events scene.

How to Use

Find cocktail recipes you can make at home with My Drink Bomb’s cocktail bombs here.Creating custom orders for special occasions such as weddings and gender reveal parties, the brand shows no signs of slowing down. With a health and wellness line called Fit Bombs coming out this summer—which includes CBD and detox options—Tea and coffee bombs will follow. The flavor pallet and possibilities are endless!! – My Drink Bomb is set to explode onto the beverage and spirits market in a major way. Featured in DUJOUR Magazine.

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