Proudly made in the USA

Proudly made in the USA


Craft Cocktail Candles

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Onata Fragrances is the fruit of a lifelong quest to discover the unique beauty I have to offer to the world. I had always had a dream to start a business, but my journey didn’t become clear until an unfortunate ankle sprain incident became a blessing in disguise. Being bedridden for two months gave me time to think creatively, uncover inspiration, and ultimately develop the business I had always imagined. Out of a negative situation, Onata Fragrances – and a clear opportunity to support my family – became a reality.

Family values played an integral role in shaping my vision for Onata Fragrances; my mother and grandmother sacrificed so much during my childhood to make my success a possibility. Onata Fragrances is a small way to give back to my family and grant them the comfortable life they sacrificed on my behalf so many years ago.

I believe God sometimes puts us through trying circumstances to open the doors of opportunity. He slowed me down enough to make the pathway to my dreams visible. Through my relationship with God and the support of my family, I have discovered a path that allows me to use my God-given talents for His glory. Whether in times of joy or in seasons of tribulation, it is my hope that Onata Fragrances offers a welcoming atmosphere and a sense of peace for your home.” We met Onata a few years back at a weekend market at the time we had launched our new start up. Two women entrepreneurs formed a great friendship and now two years later Onata has extended her craft to personalize MDB Signature Cocktail Candles.


Enrich your personal space and elevate your senses with My Drink Bomb Signature Soy Candle Collection inspired by our top cocktail flavors. Great for gifts and personal use, our candles make the perfect addition to any decor and can be used as massage oil for hand and body.

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