Corporate Gifting


We’ve got exciting news! we’re certain you want to know what this is…. The holidays are coming! The time of the year synonymous with gifts and relaxation. The period you can kick back and have the time of your lives with those who matter the most to you. Usually, in the corporate space this is […]

Helping Small Retailers survive Covid


Mrs Eunice is an entrepreneur and she has a small retail outlet down her street, where she sells consumables. With the outbreak of the infinitude COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the lock-down of all sector of the country’s economy, Mrs Eunice’s small retail outlet was not an exemption from the enforcement of the lock down policy. […]

Boozy Boxes are here!


Curated Gift Boxes- Gifts with a personal touch… “A gift is an opportunity to let people know how you feel about them” Gift-giving is actually one of the best ways to invest in a relationship. Whether given to a spouse, friend, customer or employer, gifts act as a social lubricant which helps to foster human […]

Community Matters


“Alas! After undergoing the trauma of COVID19, my child seems to be relapsing from recovery. It’s been a huge problem” This has been the plight of many parents and guardian who after seeing their child or ward through the treatment of and recovery process from the virus, are in sober state, as they’ve discovered a […]

Virtual Happy Hour, yes please.


Remember when you could still visit your favorite bar, have a really great conversation with friends over a cup of ice cold martini? Remember how you bonded with total strangers over late night Karaoke at your favorite go-to spot after a very long day at work? These amazing memories offered us a chance to loosen […]

Cocktails & Mocktails


Summer presents no better time to turn up and party at the bar with some friends. From electronic dance hall music to chilled handcrafted alcoholic cocktails, summer parties really hit hard. Sadly, the nasty hangovers that comes after a night out with friends would definitely cripple your activities the morning after. What if there were […]

Women Supporting Women


MyDrinkBomb Initiative “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.” Over the years, the male-folk have spirally dominated almost, if not all sector of the world’s economy, leaving very little recognition for the women who are only brave enough to conquer and change the long laid narrative, and […]

A Perfect Quarantini

coco drink

Yeah, guess you are probably watching that Netflix series for the zillionth time or following up on the latest tiktok challenge just to keep boredom at bay while staying indoors. It’s the harsh reality we’ve all been living by, to keep safe since the outbreak of the dreaded corona virus disease. With bars shut down, […]

Support Small Business

choe di leo

While some are frowning and groaning at the thought of them shopping locally and supporting small businesses like MyDrinkBombs, several others are already convinced and completely satisfied with the products sold and services rendered by these businesses. Regardless, we sight you all, we heart you all. Whether you’re in the groaning category or the convinced […]

Cocktails Made Simple


There’s something about cocktails you should know. There’s more to it than meets the eye, and as such MyDrinkBombs brings to you Cocktails Made Simple just at your fingertips. In a bid to making strong alcoholic drinks more pleasant to the taste buds and acceptable, cock-tailings as it was originally called, became the ultimate alternative […]